“What we need is a parkour for the Interzone triangulated by ‘street’ culture, the poets laureate of digital disruption, and the hairier fringes of academic discourse. If anybody’s going to take a crack at it, Roy Christopher—certified skaterboy, Ph.D. in Communication Studies, fractal geometer tracing the coastlines of subcultural thought—is that thinker.” — Mark Dery, author, Born to be Posthumous

“If the medium is the message, then today's mediascape is a constant digital missive, reminding us that we are trapped together in a seven-level underworld metaverse mall. Who better to help guide us through this neo-Dantesque pixel inferno than Roy Christopher—one part Virgil, one part Debord, and at least one part his mischievous and brilliant self.” — Dominic Pettman, author, Peak Libido

“Imagine if Walter Benjamin had made it out of Spain, finally arrived in America, and got a BMX bike while listening to hip-hop. Roy Christopher is not only telling us how culture works, and why we love it, but also what we can do with it.” — Etienne Turpin, co-founder, anexact office

“Roy Christopher has a gift for making a McLuhanesque argument. His work is well-written, well-argued, and timely.” — John Oakes, co-founder, O/R Books

“Roy Christopher’s writing shows delightful erudition and an expansive command of both creative conjecture and the historical landscape.” — Brian H. Spitzberg, San Diego State University

“Brilliant, pathbreaking, palpable insights… Worthy of McLuhan.” — Paul Levinson, author, New New Media

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I marshal the middle between Mathers and McLuhan: author, artist, poet, ph.d. I’m an aging BMX and skateboarding zine kid.