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This is Why You Got This Email.

We’re exhausted, yet we’re craving something. Whether it’s the endless chatter of Twitter, the infinity pool of Instagram, or the uncomfortable family dinner of Facebook, we’re tired, and we’re hungry. It’s like opening the refrigerator door for the third time, expecting there to be something new to snack on. It’s like taking a shower when you’re thirsty.

There have been ephemeral nodes in invisible networks that held us together for a while. They used to be regional, but those heavily curated spaces are less and less influential. In my little music-fan world, it was local record stores, press, labels, radio, and venues that created a community and a sound unfettered or influenced by outside forces.

These places have existed online as well. Message boards had the goods for a while. There was that brief time when blogs were vital and vibrant. Social media was even fun for a while. Before all of that, email was more akin to letter writing. Now we don’t need to email because we’re friends on Facebook. We don’t need to email because we follow each other on Twitter. It’s the illusion of connection.

I’m not claiming to have an answer. I’m just trying to justify this email.

I’m doing this because I have the same craving for connection. I’m doing this because I’m tired of trying to find it in places that don’t provide it anymore.

“This” will be an infrequent email that includes brief writings on music, media, and technology; updates on various writing projects; and excerpts from those projects. I will only send these out with good reason. I’m not going to flood your inbox with my every thought.

So, stick around. We’re all about to come out of a fog on top of a funk. I’m excited to see it happen.